Aussie Aqua Corporate Bond Certificates

Are you looking for a secure investment that pays a high rate of return? An Aussie Aqua – Corporate Bond pays an annual rate of 15% which is paid in monthly installments giving you the security of a regular income.

15% return per annum
Annual Returns
are Paid Monthly
Bond Investment
Redeem Anytime

What are Corporate Bonds?


Corporate bonds are basically debt securities issued by companies and corporations and brought by investors. They usually have a higher return associated with them than government bonds and are normally backed by the assets and payment ability of the company.

Aussie Aqua is now issuing our 2020 Corporate Bonds for investors looking for higher returns than traditional means of investing.

An investment in Aussie Aqua Corporate Bonds is one way of spreading your investment risk rather than rely on bank interest, property, shares or other forms of investment. Unlike other typical Corporate Bonds, with Aussie Aqua you are being paid a portion of your 15% PA each and every month. You don’t need to wait until the bond matures to collect your reward – in this case, 15% of your investment.

This is basically an investment into a private company and is not backed by any government – like shares purchased through the stock exchange. The major difference is that you are guaranteed your return with the bond but not with shares. In fact, there is no guarantee of any returns with shares and you may also lose all your money if the company fails. Typically shares are not backed by any capital and if the company goes under shareholders simply lose out.

The other major difference with the Bond is that you do not own any of the business nor do you have any voting rights.


Corporate Bonds Offer a Great Return on Investment (ROI)

What’s in it for you?

A great return on investment – a guaranteed 15% Per Annum paid monthly into your nominated Australian Bank account

Each corporate bond is valued at $500 minimum purchase is 10 bonds i.e. $5,000

Cash out at any time – if you need access to your funds you can cash them in at the ‘issue’ price at any time*. Depending on how many you cash in we will require up to 14 days’ notice.**

Bonds can be ‘on sold’ or passed on to anyone at any price you choose or Aussie Aqua guarantees to buy back at the ‘issue’ price. In this way you never lose your initial outlay.


* If you redeem your bonds before 12 months any interest paid is deducted. You can cash in all or some of your bonds but in allotments of $5,000 only. Penalties are applied based on the numbers of bonds cashed in and pro-rated according to your payment date.

You own your bonds issued by an iconic business that has now been in operation more than 6 years in Central Luzon, Philippines.

Be part of our growth and benefit financially as Aussie Aqua expands throughout the Philippines.

In future, you may be able to trade your bonds on the open market through an online trading platform being developed by Aussie Aqua.

Your bonds are backed by property held in Australia and the Philippines.



**Most refunds are provided within 7 working days however allotments of over $100,000 require 14 days.

What’s in it for Aussie Aqua?

Provision of Operating Capital to grow and expand the business.

Purchase of additional facilities to allow 24-hour operation.

Enables the manufacture of Aussie Aqua’s own plastic PET bottle containers.

Provides the ability to ‘franchise’ the Aussie Aqua name throughout the Philippines.

Purchase products and import directly i.e. from China, US and abroad.

Replace the ‘middleman’ through direct manufacture of water products.

Set up an independent distribution centre for supplying related filtering products.

Why is Aussie Aqua issuing Corporate Bonds?

Many people in the Philippines and Australia have enquired about partnering with Aussie Aqua by purchasing a percentage of the company. In essence, Aussie Aqua has resisted selling any share or part of Aussie Aqua as it’s been more than 6 years of hard work to get to where it is today. Yes, selling some of the business would provide capital for expansion but there are other options – Corporate Bonds being one. Corporate Bond is an ideal way for people to get involved with a company without the risk – for example, your Bond always maintains its value as opposed to shares.

An Aussie Aqua bond is a great way to invest without the hassles of owning a business especially here in the Philippines where the ‘playing’ rules are very different to Australia. Simply sit back and enjoy a healthy and regular return on your investment. Your money will go toward providing an essential service to the community – clean, safe Purified and Alkaline drinking water.

Our main reason for issuing Bonds is the opportunity the additional capital will provide in terms of growth and expansion. Aussie Aqua has already invested a substantial amount of money into our operations and we are now starting to see the benefits of this investment.

Today there are further opportunities to grow and expand however these require working capital and hence the opportunity for members of the public to purchase Corporate Bonds.

Why would you purchase an Aussie Aqua Corporate Bond?

The main reason for owning an Aussie Aqua corporate bond is to gain a high level of return on your capital investment. Aussie Aqua is offering a guaranteed 15% annual return that is paid monthly. Your first payment will be deposited within a month of purchasing your bonds and monthly thereafter.

Unlike other bonds, an Aussie Aqua bond can be redeemed at any time. Let’s say you invest the minimum of $5,000 in obtaining 10 bonds and after 3 months an emergency happens, and you need access to the cash used to purchase the bonds. No problem, Aussie Aqua will buy these back and pay you within 7 days (7 business days if the value is less than $100,000 otherwise 14 days). If you have redeemed prior to holding the bond 12 months, then any interest paid will be deducted from your return. However, where bonds are held longer than 12 months there are no penalties for redeeming your bonds. All we require is 7 to 14 days to process your return.


Key Features:


Guaranteed 15% per annum return

Interest is deposited monthly

First payment within 1 month of investing

Your capital is working immediately, no waiting 12 months or longer for your return

Cash-In your bond at any time (penalties will apply if held less than 12 months)

Bond rolls on indefinitely at 15% until redeemed or paid out by Aussie Aqua (see PDS or terms and conditions for details)

How does it work? The nitty gritty!

Corporate Bond

Aussie Aqua is issuing $1.5 Million in Corporate Bonds to raise capital for business expansion. An Aussie Aqua Corporate Bond is a privately issued bond that is NOT registered or guaranteed by any Government body either in the Philippines or Australia.

Each bond has an issue value of $500.00 Australian Dollars (AUD).

Minimum bond purchase is 10 bonds valued at $5,000 AUD.

Maximum bond purchase is unrestricted until all bonds are issued – 3,000 released as of April 2020.

Bonds are released on a first-in, best-dressed basis.

Bond certificates will be issued on request and include the number and value of the bond purchased. Certificates are not essential because all bonds issued will be given unique ID numbers and tracked on our internal database systems and will include the bond ID, date of issue, value, name of the owner and annual interest rate. If bonds are gifted or sold, then this information is to be reported via e-mail to Aussie Aqua. All changes of ownership details will be confirmed via an e-mail from Aussie Aqua.

Keep in mind – the value of your bond can never go below the ‘par or issue’ price as Aussie Aqua guarantees to purchase your bond/s at the issue price of $500.00 AUD per bond. You can cash in your bonds at any time – processing time is up to 14 days depending on the number of bonds redeemed. The funds will be deposited into your nominated Australian bank account.


Aussie Aqua reserves the right to pay out your bonds after 2025.

What does this mean in practical terms? It means that your 15% is guaranteed until the 1st of Jan 2026. Because of financial conditions or other factors, Aussie Aqua may not be able to continue to pay the 15% return beyond 2026 and therefore reserves to right to buy back bonds from investors.


Could your Bonds increase in Value?

There is the possibility that the value of your bonds will go up. When all bonds are fully subscribed and if general interest rates remain low, the value of your bonds could increase as people look for investments in safe, high yielding opportunities. Worst case scenario is Aussie Aqua will buy your bonds back at the issue price – best case is you can sell them for a higher price to the highest bidder looking for solid and safe returns.


Aussie Aqua reserves the right to issue more bonds in future

Depending on financial circumstances Aussie Aqua may issue more bonds in future. How might this affect your current bonds? Firstly, you cannot go backwards, your bonds will continue to earn at the issued rate of return and can be redeemed at the issue price. If bonds are issued at a lower return than the 15% this should result in your bonds being worth more. If the next rate is higher, your current bonds will simply maintain their value.

It is planned to build a bond ‘buy and sell’ function into the Aussie Aqua website where potential buyers of Aussie Aqua bonds can bid on bonds. Current holders can choose to sell their bonds to individual buyers. This should have the effect of increasing the capital value of your bonds but please understand no guarantees are provided.


Guaranteed 15% Per Annum Returns – How to Beat the Banks

These days if you put your hard-earned cash in the bank you are actually going backwards – let me explain.

Let’s say you have $10,000 to invest and you sit it in your normal bank account, at best you may get a 0.5 to 1% return on your money. What if you are willing to tie up your money for 3, 6 or 12 months in a longer-term investment? You may be offered a higher rate at say 1.0 – 2.5% per year – wow talk about ‘get rich slow’.

In most countries, the inflation rate is running between 2% and 7%. With the typical bank rates on offer you are not even keeping up with inflation – in other words, you are going backwards. If you have high-interest loans such as credit card debt, then you are going back very quickly.

If we then consider the tax position of an individual, many will be paying tax on the interest earned and therefore not receiving the full benefit of the little interest earned.

Investing your money with a bank is safe, conservative but unlikely to help you, especially in retirement and with the current levels of interest and terms being offered.

With an Aussie Aqua bond, you are going to get the full 15% return.

The returns you receive are deposited each month directly into your nominated account.

Example Investment Returns – AUD


No of Bonds Investment Annual Return Monthly Payment Guaranteed Value of Bonds
10 $5,000 $750 $62.50 $5,000
20 $10,000 $1,500 $125.00 $10,000
50 $25,000 $3,750 $312.50 $25,000
100 $50,000 $7,500 $625.00 $50,000
150 $75,000 $11,250 $937.50 $75,000
200 $100,000 $15,000 $1,250.00 $100,000
250 $125,000 $18,750 $1,562.50 $125,000
500 $250,000 $37,500 $3,125.00 $250,000
1000 $500,000 $75,000 $6,250.00 $500,000

Note: All figures are in Australian Dollars

Monthly Payments – Begin within a Month of Purchase

The unique feature of an Aussie Aqua Corporate Bond is the short waiting period in order to receive your first return. You don’t have to wait the full 12 months before earning an income.

Your first payment will be exactly one month after your funds are cleared into Aussie Aqua’s nominated account. All future payments fall on this same day each month*

In short – your Corporate Bond purchase starts working the moment you invest.

* The exact date may vary due to the payment falling on a weekend.


Future Value – Capital Gain

Although Aussie Aqua will purchase your bonds at the issue price in accordance with our terms and conditions, we make no guarantee on any capital gains and no forward projections have been offered.

If you are investing for the purpose of gaining a Capital Return, then you should understand that NO guarantees are being made. The only guarantee is that your ‘initial’ investment will be returned, at any time, if requested.



Aussie Aqua is considered a low to medium risk due to the capital backing that supports the Corporate Bonds being issued. However, as with any investment, there are risks as no-one can 100% predict the future. Aussie Aqua is in Angeles City, Central Luzon, Philippines. What if a war broke out or a natural disaster was to strike the areas where most of our water is delivered and sourced? This could adversely affect the profitability and future of Aussie Aqua.

We have recently witnessed the outbreak of COVID-19 and this and other events could have an impact on results for Aussie Aqua. To date, Aussie Aqua has not been affected by COVID-19 or other disasters in recent years. In fact, the need for clean drinking water actually increases greatly as a result.

Importantly for investors, our bonds are backed by tangible assets in both Australia and the Philippines.



So how are we able to guarantee your capital?

In 2019, Aussie Aqua was unofficially valued at around 10,500,000 Pesos (approx $320,000 AUD). Aussie Aqua holds reserve cash of 5,000,000 Pesos (Held in Australia) and property in both Australia and the Philippines that is valued at approximately 60 million pesos.



You should not invest in any investment unless you understand the nature of the investment and the extent of your exposure to risk. Although Aussie Aqua guarantees to purchase your bonds at the issue price you should be aware that some risk is inherent in any investment. You should be satisfied that this offering is suitable to you given your financial position and investment objectives and where appropriate you should seek independent advice in advance of making an investment decision.

Ready to Invest?

Earn a guaranteed 15% annual return that you can use to help pay off your home loan much faster.


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