Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I invest in Aussie Aqua?

The main reasons for investing are best determined by each individual investor.  From an Aussie Aqua perspective our aim is to provide you with a good ‘Return on Investment’ (ROI) via a healthy return.  The guaranteed return you will receive is 15% per annum.

Aussie Aqua has an excellent track record, we have now been paying investors for almost 2 years without ever missing a payment.  Please refer to our investor testimonials on our website.

You are investing in an Australian and Filipino operated business.  Aussie Aqua is fully registered and compliant in all aspects necessary to operate within the Philippines.  We can provide larger companies with all the BIR documentation and official receipts needed for their annual reporting.  This is very important as we look to expand our operations.

Will Aussie Aqua issue a paper Bond Certificate?

In today’s age of electronic data management systems there is really no need to issue a paper or electronic certificate.  Aussie Aqua bonds are NOT ‘Bearer Bonds’ where a signed, printed and sometimes stamped certificate is necessary.  However, as part of our normal process, Aussie Aqua will provide an electronic certificate that will be e-mailed to the purchaser once your funds have been received.  These certificates will have no monetary value unless the holder’s details and investment information is recorded on our management system.

For this reason, it is essential that you advise Aussie Aqua if you gift, sell or exchange your bond for whatever reason.  You can advise us through email or via our contact form on the Aussie Aqua website.

In future there will be a function added to our website that will allow Bond holders to buy and sell their bonds via a Bond trading platform.

What do our electronic Bonds look like? View here.

What if I want to redeem my bonds?

Initially you can sell your bonds back to Aussie Aqua.  We will always pay the issue price of $500 dollars per bond.  This way you will never lose your initial investment.

If you redeem your Bonds, they are redeemed in lots of 10 or $5,000 in value.  If you have NOT held the Bonds a minimum of 12 months, we will deduct all the interest you have been previously paid.  For example, after 3 months you decide to redeem your 10 bonds the amount you receive will be as follows:

Initial Value:                       $5,000
Interest Paid:                     $187.50
Redemption Value:         $4,812.50

You will receive this $4,812.50 into your nominated bank account within 7 to 14 working days from the date you notify Aussie Aqua of your intention to redeem some or all of your Bonds.

What is the minimum and maximum number of bonds I can redeem, sell or trade?

Bonds are issued in lots of 10 at a time and must be traded or redeemed this way. You can redeem all or part of your bonds provided you do so in lots of 10 or $5,000 per lot.

There is no maximum amount you can redeem provided it is done in lots of 10.

Can I Buy, Sell or Trade my Bonds Online?

Currently we do not have the facility to trade Aussie Aqua Bonds online.  Over the coming months we intend to build an application on our Website that will manage the buying and selling of bonds online.  There will be a daily buy and sell price advertised so that potential buyers and sellers can anonymously invest or sell off all or part of their bond portfolio.

You may also choose to sell, gift or trade your bonds privately via whatever means you choose.

Aussie Aqua will have a process in place that will record the movement of Bonds so that ownership is always known.  This is important when it comes time to providing the owners monthly return and redemption values.

Do I have a voting right in the direction of the company based on my bond holdings?

Short answer – no.  Aussie Aqua is offering Corporate Bonds and not shares and therefor the direction of the company is in the full control of the owners regardless of the number of bonds held by individual or corporate investors.

The main purpose of purchasing bonds through Aussie Aqua is to gain a high return on your investment.  This is provided via monthly interest payments.  There is also the possibility that the bond price will increase over time and therefore provide you with an increased capital return – like shares, no guarantees are provided.

When do I receive my monthly interest payments?

All monthly interest payments are made on or close to the date in which you first purchased your initial bonds.  Let’s say you purchase 50 Bonds and the money is received into our account on the 10th day of the month.  This would mean that on or around the 10th of every month you will receive your monthly return.  The exact day may vary based on whether the 10th falls on a weekend with banks not showing your payment until the Monday.

Do I need to redeem my Bonds on the exact date of initial purchase?

No – this is not necessary as we will calculate your final payment based on the number of days you have kept the Bonds invested for that particular month.

For example: you are normally paid your return on the 10th of the month and you redeem your Bonds which are paid out on the 20th.  This will give you 10 days’ worth of returns.

Example Calculations for 100 Bonds valued at $50,000 AUD and paying $625.00 per month.

Actual Days Invested/Days in Month x Full Monthly Return

Full monthly interest would be: $625

Therefore:  10/30 = O.333

0.333 x $625.00 = $208.12

Why does Aussie Aqua reserve the right to pay out bonds after 2025?

Aussie Aqua reserves the right to pay out bonds is because of unknown economic, political and regulatory conditions that may exist in the short to medium term future.  What if the current rate of interest offered was unsustainable?  This could place an operating burden on the company which could result in the company ceasing operations.  Obviously not in the interest of everyone.

What security does Aussie Aqua have to guarantee our bonds?

Cash on hand: $150,000 AUD.  Property in Australia and the Philippines valued at around $1.6 Million AUD.  Current value of Aussie Aqua (at March2020) approximately $320,000.

I am considering a substantial investment into Aussie Aqua; can I meet the owners?

Yes – I would encourage anyone looking to purchase a significant number of bonds to first meet with myself; Jeff Collinson, or my brother Lloyd (Investment Manager).  As I am located in the Philippines most of the time, I’m usually available at short notice for video / Skype call.  Alternatively, my brother Lloyd is located in Melbourne and would be available for a one on one consultation.