I was introduced to Jeff Collinson by a good friend of mine several years ago and learnt about Aussie Aqua whilst I was visiting the Philippines.

Having met Jeff in person I was comfortable investing in Aussie Aqua and in 2019 I invested in a number of Aussie Aqua Corporate Bonds that have provided a steady return of 12.5% per annum and paid monthly directly into my account.  This turned out much higher than I was achieving having my money sit in a long-term savings account here in an Australian bank account.

I was just about to purchase more bonds but was unable as all the 2019 bonds had already been allocated.  I will be looking to invest when the next round of bonds are released.

If you are looking for a solid investment from an organisation you can trust, then I personally recommend an investment with Aussie Aqua.  To date I have been very happy with my returns and regular income this provides.

Thanks Jeff, Lloyd and Aussie Aqua for this investment opportunity.

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Rob McCann

Would I invest in Aussie Aqua?  Absolutely Yes!

Have I invested?  No – simply because all of my ready cash is tied up in my own business here in Angeles City.

I am the owner of a local watering hole called ‘Moon’s Bar’.  However, I’m more than happy to write this testimonial for Jeff Collinson whom I’ve known since taking over the ownership of the bar back in 2017.

Over this time Jeff and I have struck up a great friendship and I’ve watched him and his wife Dhin take Aussie Aqua from nowhere to where it is today.  Jeff has a friendly persona and is a person of the highest integrity.  I believe this probably comes from his time in the Australian Defence force.  He will often tell of his adventures and the great mates he knew during his more than 20 years at sea with the Navy.  I haven’t met a person yet that has not spoken well of him.

The returns Jeff and Dhin are offering through their Corporate Bonds are very generous and definitely worth having a good look at.  At just $5,000 to get involved it really is a great opportunity either for the person with only a small amount of funds or the more cautious individual just wanting to dip their toe in to get a feel..  I’ll be investing as soon as some additional funds come through.

Would I invest – you bet.

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Dr. Tez Molloy

I first met Jeff several years ago when I was sitting in one of my favorite sports bars in Angeles city, Philippines.  Jeff was driving the Aussie Aqua delivery truck back then and loading water bottles onto storage racks when we struck up a conversation.  We’ve been good friends ever since our first encounter.  Since first meeting I have invested in Aussie Aqua through his Corporate Bonds and private equity investment opportunities.

Having had investments in property, shares and interest-bearing deposits, when it comes to Return on Investment (ROI) it’s hard to beat an investment in Aussie Aqua.  Jeff never misses a repayment and I can count on my monthly returns like clockwork.

I’m looking forward to the release of the 2020 Corporate bonds for another investment with great returns.

I met Jeff’s brother Lloyd on his first trip over to the Philippines.  Lloyd was here to check out the Aussie Aqua operations and assist with the growth of the company.  Knowing both Jeff and now Lloyd, I am even more confident with my investments through Aussie Aqua.  

I know Jeff and his partner Dhin have big plans for Aussie Aqua.

I thoroughly recommend an investment with these guys.

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Paul McGinley

Having known and worked with Jeff between 2017 – 2019 I had no hesitation in acquiring a small allocation of Aussie Aqua Corporate Bonds.

What attracted me to the bonds, apart from the high rate of return, was the fact that I could invest for as little as $5,000 and still get a great return.  Not only that, if I needed the money in case of emergency or whatever, I could have it returned within 7 days.  Not many other investments will offer this kind of flexibility.

I have seen first-hand how Jeff and his Filipino partner Dhin have built Aussie Aqua up from a small operation into one of the major suppliers of drinking water in the Balibago area of the Philippines.  I am confident that Jeff and Dhin have the ability to make Aussie Aqua a household name throughout this region and beyond.

Knowing the character of the people behind Aussie Aqua, I have no hesitation in recommending their corporate bonds as a safe and flexible investment option.  

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Paul McKessy

Professional staff, affordable price, quality water, the owner is very hands on and water really is purified, no shortcuts best mineral water supplier in A.C.

Chris Wong

Took a lease on a water dispenser, paying a very reasonable price of only 1,200 per quarter. This includes a 6 month full servicing of the unit.

The quality difference of one of these dispenser units versus one you can buy locally in SM is huge! Just touching the dispenser you can feel the superior build quality. The hot water is well hot enough even for cups of tea – being English we’re very specific on our tea…

Great service, was delivered promptly by Jeff and Dhin. The water is good too – with Aussie Aqua you can be sure that everything that needs to be done to ensure the quality of water is done. No dirty filters, poorly cleaned bottles etc. which can happen in less reputable places.

If you’re in Angeles City and want a good, reliable water source that goes the extra mile to please the customer then Aussie Aqua is the place to go!

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Andrew Quartly

Hello Jeff and Dhin, I am just writing to say “thankyou” to the Aussie Aqua team, your high quality water that always tastes great and your fast and efficient service to always keep us stocked to the right level is amazing and consistant, I can’t imagine using anyone else.



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Dean PascoePresident Boomering Inc

Our company SG Eco, located in Clark Freeport Zone, have been using Aussie Aqua to supply our Purified Drinking water since late 2015.  Prior to this we had our own ‘in-house’ filtration system but we often failed the mandatory water cleanliness testing.  We decided to purchase our water from Aussie Aqua as we never have to worry about failing any water tests.  Since this time we and have never looked back.  Their overall service is excellent and if we ever have any issues I can speak directly to the owner Jeff Collinson and everything is sorted without fuss.  Aussie Aqua supply our water drinking dispensers as part of our contract and if we ever have a problem these are replaced within 24 hours.  Great Service – Thank You Aussie Aqua!

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