December 2021 Physico-Chemical Water Analysis Results

Water quality testing is extremely important because it identifies a range of contaminants including water-borne diseases. The Physical and Chemical tests measure bacteria, metals, inorganic and other substances in order to ensure the water is safe and meets local and international water standards. All water for human consumption must be tested for safety.

Physical tests indicate properties detectable by the human senses such as salt and minerals. Chemical tests determine the amounts of mineral and organic substances that affect water quality.

Although regulations state that Chemical and Physical Testing is required annually, at Aussie Aqua we have this test conducted every 6 months in order to ensure the quality and safety of our water.

Customers may request a copy of this test at any time.

Some customers may require an immediate test to be conducted and this can be requested at the customer’s expense.  Please contact us for more information.

April 2021 Physico-Chemical Water Analysis Results

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